The OpenScore Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded, thanks to over 1000 backers!

This page shows the works that top backers have chosen to liberate, and their reasons for doing so.


Suite Bergamasque (Claude Debussy)

Liberated by Flowkey

"Debussy's Suite Bergamasque is one of the pieces nearly all piano students want to be able to play some day. We‘re happy to liberate this gorgeous piece of music for all the piano players out there."

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Symphony No.5, Op.67 (Ludwig van Beethoven)

Liberated by Metabrainz Foundation

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Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080 (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Liberated by Kimiko Ishizaka

"Bach's Kunst der Fuge is his most ambitious counterpoint ever, and one of the great musical tragedies. The finale was meant to be a fugue that spelled his name B-A-C-H as the theme. Sadly, Bach died before finishing. Kimiko Ishizaka has composed a completion to that work and this new composition will be her contribution to the OpenScore project."

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L’Apprenti Sorcier (Paul Dukas)

Liberated by SCORA digital music stands

"A fantastic work that deserves a new engraving that avoids the page turn problems in the current one"

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Once the works have been transcribed they will be added to the OpenScore collection on